Divorce Prevention and Family Relationships Improvement Programe

4 Day Training Program on 'Divorce Prevention'
Dr Sahadeva dasa (CA, ICWA & Phd) is conducting a higly successful 4 day training program on  "Divorce Prevention and Family Relationship Improvement" from 4th to 7th July 2009.
Divorce is on the rise. Whether it's Delhi or Lucknow, Kerala or Punjab, Kolkata or Chennai, the upper classes or the middle classes, metros or semi-urban areas.the specter of divorce is now here to haunt us all. Why, just in Delhi the figures go thus:

  1. 1960's - 1-2 cases per year
  2. 1980 - 100-200 cases per year
  3. 1990s - 1,000 cases per year
  4. This decade.a jump to 9,000 cases per year

Family is the basic unit of human civilization and modern pace of life is threatening the very existence of it. Relationships are at an all time low and generation gap is widening rapidly. Divorces and family breakups are responsible for disintegration of social structures in many countries now. Lack of healthy relationships is leading to severe stress other problems like poor concentration, nightmares, sleep problems, mood swings and somatic complaints. In a study by Judith Wallerstein, 25% of the children from broken families were found to be suffering from depression and symptoms like fear, confusion, sadness, yearning and anger. This is also responsible for the criminal tendencies later on in their life.
Marriage is an institution that takes a lot of work. It is not all that easy living your entire life with the same person. Spouses are being treated like jobs or cars that people don't hesitate from changing every few years.

  1. For every five weddings registered in Mumbai and Thane since 2002, family courts have received two applications for divorce. 
  2. Exactly 104,287 marriages were registered in Mumbai and Thane between January 2002 and October 2007. During the same period, the family courts in the two districts received 44,922 applications for divorce.
  3. Figures for 2007 bear out the trend. Mumbai and Thane registered 17,221 marriages between January and October last year. There were 7,813 applications for divorce within the same time span.

Thus the growing divorce rate is altering the fabric of society, creating more issues of social balance, law and order.
Then there are serious issues like parenting and relating to one's wards. From cell phones and texting to religion and manners, younger and older generation see the world differently, creating the largest generation gap in the history of human civilzation. Old, young don't see eye to eye and there are ever widening differences in social values and lifestyle.  
Adam Shapiro, chairman of the sociology department at the University of North Florida, attributes the gap to a rise in information technology. He also believes people now are more apt to interact with others their age, reducing communication across generations. "Generational differences increase as the pace of social change increases," Shapiro says. "Social change has increased rapidly, particularly over the past 30 years. Given that young people are more apt to have been raised in the Internet era, their interactions, preferences, and values are more likely to have been shaped by this than persons of older ages."
The younger generation is going to PDAs and smart phones, it's all about text messaging, MySpace and Facebook. The older crowds just want something basic to communicate.
These changing times require changing attitudes and this program aptly fits in this area.
Thousands of families across different countries have benefitted from this presentation and saved from breaking up. There are cases where couples withdrew their divorce papers from courts after attending this course.

Mahashringa Dasa

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