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A failure signifies that our determination to succeess was not strong enough

At the heart of all successful lives lie certain core principles which are known as “secrets of success”. These secrets of success or success formulas humankind has sought to reveal and articulate since ancient times. Few have discovered them; fewer still have consistently used them. Yet, those who have done so (whether consciously or unconsciously), have achieved extraordinary results with the help of these core principles.

21st century is not for mediocre. Every field of activity requires performance excellence. Those who have dared to struggle yesterday will dare to win today. Student life is the time for laying an unshakable foundation for life. Unfortunately many students loose this great opportunity and fritter away their valuable time and energies on trivial and trifling.

Ancient Indian wisdom believes that the most qualifying aspect of success lies in following the four Purusharthas( tenets) of life. The Purusharthas are based on the four tenets of artha, kama, dharma and moksha. Wealth or artha means earthly possessions and material gains. People usually work hard to procure such standards of success, and yet, find themselves wanting more. Desires condemned by puritans the world over, is motivating force behind all action that manifests as success. High moral credo or dharma is a life based on principles. However the crowning glory to successful life is moksha or freedom from all desires. Artha, kama, dharma and moksha patterns a rite of passage for an adult life. According to Indian thought, success depends upon the smooth transition of an individual through each of these passages.


I can’t do it” never yet accomplished anything; “I will try” has performed wonders.”

Success is what dreams are made of. Success is about making it in life. Yet we see large hordes of people demanding to do more than that by trying to find a common denominator for success. Success is all-inclusive quotient of material, emotional and spiritual gratification.

We all hope to achieve success in many areas of our lives, but sometimes the road to success seems to be paved with difficulties and events that we hadn’t planned for. In this free course at Asamsaya Foundation, students will learn these timeless techniques of success. This course has been especially designed by Dr Sahadeva dasa, who is president of ISKCON Secunderabad. This course of has helped thousands of students in various countries around the globe.

Making your mark on the world is not easy. If it were easy, everybody would have done it. All the great people in the world history have followed certain core principles in their lives. Successful people did the same thing but they did it in a different way. Doing with difference attracts different results. The circumstances in which we may apply these principles today may have changed —but the success formulas these great personalities usedhave never changed, and never will. Many of these great lives were built upon foundations with the bricks that others threw at them.

“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.”

It is rightly said by Wheeler Wilcox:

One ship sails East,
And another West,
By the self-same winds that blow,
This the set of the sails
And not the gales,
That tells the way we go.

This course will teach the students how in life unfavorable circumstances can be used towards our advantage. When winds can not be changed, we have to work on changing sails. This program also focuses on changing one’s self-limiting thought patterns. Henry Ford rightly said once, “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Once the students will immerse themselves in this course on “Achieving in Life What You Want” and apply it with their full passion, desire and unwavering belief, they will find only one path lying before them: the one that proceeds directly toward realizing their fondest dreams, whatever they may be.

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