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Insecurity And Fear of Future - Course Description

Asamsaya Foundation, along with ISKCON, is conducting a two days Course on “HOW TO OVERCOME INSECURITY & FEAR OF FUTURE” at regular intervals at its training and counseling center in Begumpet.

As we know, the stress caused by insecurity and fear leads to a number of psychosomatic diseases like Heart diseases, Diabetes, Arthritis, Ulcer etc. and adversely affects one’s effectiveness in life.
This course is meant to help people overcome their feelings of fear and insecurity, especially in these times of recession and uncertainty.
This is an international course module and has been especially designed by Dr.Sahadeva dasa, President, ISKCON Secunderabad.

We Are Living In Uncertain Times

-According to official estimates, today’s graduate will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 38.
-One out of 4 worker today is working for company they have been employed by for less than one year.
-More than One out of 2 are working for a company they have worked for less than 5 years.
-According to Former secretary of Eduction, Richard Riley, top ten in demand jobs in 2010 didn’t even exist in 2004.
-World is changing at an increasing rate of pace. Job insecurity is haunting more than 70% of the employed, worldwide.

Both Classic and Modern medical experts agree that 75% of the human diseases are due negative emotions such as worry and fear. This opinion has led to a whole new field of medicine called ‘Psychosomatic Diseases’. A study released by Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Assocham) in March 2009 found that 68 percent working women suffer from lifestyle diseases. The study noted that 68 percent of working women surveyed in the age bracket of 21-52 years were found to be afflicted with lifestyle ailments such as obesity, depression, chronic backache, diabetes and hypertension.

As 27 percent of females in urban India are employed, their health issues are a major concern both for society and business, said the study, titled “Preventive Healthcare and Corporate Female Workforce”.

It said long hours and working under strict deadlines cause up to 75 percent of workers to suffer from general anxiety disorder or even depression in many cases.
Swine flu till date has killed 252 people but insecurity, worry and fear have killed millions and and continue to kill millions. Yet there is hardly an institution or forum to address this issue. This problem of insecurity, worry and fear is atleast as important and urgent as swine flu if not more.

Along with India’s progress in coming years, these problems are also expected to grow exponentially. This course will go a long way is assuaging the disturbed mindset of modern mankind.

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